09 Mar

Buy Magic Grab Bags

MTGRepackBoosterWhat is a Magic grab bag?

A “Magic grab bag” (also called a MTG repack) is a 15 card Magic: the Gathering booster pack, made up of random cards. The cards come from Magic The Gathering booster packs that have already been opened and then re-sorted into new packs.

On this site you can purchase one or more Magic repacks. These packs contain overstock cards, of any condition (though most will be Near Mint). Each pack contains at least 14 commons or uncommons and 1 rare or foil rare.

MTG Repack

Will these packs have money cards in them?

No. Don’t expect to be opening any Moxes, Dual Lands, or anything ridiculously valuable. We want this to be super clear – this isn’t a treasure hunt. These cards are overstock from collections we buy. These packs are great for budget drafts, cubing, or other casual purposes. And they’re fun to open, because you never know what you’ll get!

So what is a repack, exactly?

These are not “sealed packs” from stores. TheseĀ  are cards that were opened in packs, that we repackage into “repacks.”

How do I pay? I have a credit card, not a PayPal account

No problem. You can pay with a credit card through PayPal, without having to make a PayPal account.

How long will it take to get my order?

We typically ship within 24 hours. Shipping time will vary, but 3-5 days is typical.

How much does shipping cost?

$5. Whether you order 1 pack or 1000, you’ll only pay $5 shipping.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Sure do! And it still just costs $5 USD, no matter how many packs you buy.